How to Apply


Our general criteria for all applicants include the following:

  1. Credit
  2. Rental history 
  3. Background checks
  4. Income*

You can find our application in the section below.

When you apply, the following is required for each adult applicant: proof of income for the past 3 months, a photo ID, and a $20 application fee.

Applications must be complete and honest in order to be considered.  

*We require income to be at least 3 times the rent


How often does your availability change?

Most of our rentals are month to month, so our

tenants give us a 30 day notice by the 1st of the month in which they are leaving. Our availability changes the most at the beginning of the month.  

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Yes! Electronic payments are available for current tenants and applications. Find the instructions to set that up HERE.

Do you have a drop box?

 We do not have a drop box. You may mail your payment to 927 Loring St Suite #2 Altoona WI 54720. Or stop in during office hours to make a payment. 

Can I paint?

 We use a neutral color that goes with any decor you may have. You cannot change paint, but feel free to accessorize with your furnishings.

Can I pet sit?

If you plan on pet sitting for anybody please do so

at their house. Because all pets have to be pre-approved, pet-sitting or visiting-pets are not allowed.  

How can I add someone to the lease?

 It's very important that tenants are approved by our office before any extended stay. They will have to go through the same application process that you did. 


Tips and Tricks for Current Tenants


Move-In Checklist

  • Complete and return check-in report within 10 days of receiving the key
  • Call Xcel energy to put the bill in your name (if applicable)
  • Have a good plunger on hand
  • Purchase a mini drain snake from Menards for only $1.99
  • We highly recommend renters insurance

General Guidelines for all E & B Rental Properties

Per our policy:

  • Potted plants are welcomed outside duplexes and single family homes, but in-ground planting is prohibited
  • Pre-approved/authorized pets ONLY
  • Burning candles is prohibited
  • Attaching window wraps, plant hangers, screws, mesh doors, satellite dishes, cameras, etc is strictly prohibited
  • There should be nothing stored within 8-10 feet of the furnace or the water heater

Per insurance:

  • Firepits, burnpits, etc are prohibited
  • Trampolines are prohibted
  • Swimming pools are prohibted

Per fire department:

  • Alternative heat sources are prohibited (ie: electric fireplace, propane heaters)
  • Extension cords are prohibited

Taking Care of the Property

  • If you have a gas furnace and are able to access it, change the furnace filter monthly – especially during the winter months
  • If you have electric heat, vacuum the baseboards regularly
  • Test your smoke detectors monthly - NEVER remove batteries or take smoke detectors down - this is a lease and fire department violation which could result in a fine
  • Mow the lawn regularly (if applicable) - this is a city ordinance and you may be fined
  • Shovel snow within 24 hours of a snowfall - this is a city ordinance and you may be fined 
  • Change light bulbs with the same type, size, and wattage bulb - please don't leave any light sockets empty
  • If you find yourself without electricity for a longer period of time, please open and empty refrigerator to avoid it getting moldy and ruined. Leaving it closed will damage it beyond repair and you would be responsible for the cost of replacing it.
  • If you have an outside water spigot - before temperatures freeze, turn off the water valve (in the basement) to avoid water damage and pipes bursting.
  • Please dry dishes before putting them in the cabinets, as the wetness can damage the cabinets.
  • Please do not put grease down drains - make sure to throw grease in the garbage 
  • If you have a garbage disposal - make sure to be cautious on what goes into it. To keep it clean - Put some baking soda and vinegar down the disposal. 
  • For Items being stored in an unfinished basement - it is best to use plastic bins or pallets as Wisconsin basements rarely stay 100% dry

Quick 'DIY' Maintenance Suggestions

High water bill?  Call us immediately and shut off water valve if there is a leak. Ways to check if your toilet is leaking:

  • Listen for water running
  • Look for water movement in the bowl
  • Add a little food coloring or dark soda to the water tank - check the toilet bowl a few hours later to see if the color has leaked from the tank
  • Check the water meter - is it moving when water is not being used

Shower isn’t draining properly? 

  • Use a mini drain snake from Menards to clean hair out of the drain (we suggest doing this every month anyway!)
  • If shower is still not draining, put a little baking soda and vinegar down the drain (we do NOT recommend draino)

Water in your basement? 

  • Check to make sure downspouts are on. 
  • If you have an unfinished basement please be cautious and store items in plastic totes or shelves as Wisconsin basements won't stay 100% dry!

High electric bill with electric heat? 

  • Keeping electric heaters set at a stable temperature will ensure cost efficiency. 
  • Adjusting temperature 1 or 2 degrees as needed is best
  • Turning the temperature way up or way down will almost double your bill

Keep a clean dishwasher-

  • Run an empty load using dishwasher cleaner.